Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kids website

My son and his friends have been talking about creating a website to share video game tips, school assignments, and such. I figured that there are a lot of completely unsupervised sites "Out There" on the information superhighway. But I'd rather they not play unsupervised on any sort of highway. So I created a webserver that they could play with. A week ago, my wife even arranged for my son to go to a friend's house to work on this site.

Yesterday when I got home, my wife was FUMING. She was angry that my son and his friends were using the site! "What if someone downloads pornography?" I answered "It's supervised honey! I get notified whenever things are added to the site." This very quickly devolved into "You two HATE me -- that's why you use the computer. You don't want me in your life. What use am I to you anyway. I just cause pain in your life. Why can't I just kill myself -- we'd all be happier." How on earth do you answer that? If I spend 5 minutes on the computer when she's around, it's a guaranteed explosion. "What do you need me for -- go kiss the computer".

She is jealous of anything that takes my time, or she doesn't understand, or doesn't like. Whenever I mention names of female co-workers she gets very agitated and angry. She tells me not to talk to them -- even at work. If any male friends who call me at home,
she accuses them of being gay and tells me to keep my distance from them outside of work hours. Argh! I can't even have friends anymore. She's jealous of time I spend playing with my SON! At times, she has asked me to do something with him and within 5 minutes I am accused of ignoring her and trying to make her feel left out!


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